Launched on 06 September 2017

In celebration of Nick Knight's Mastered course, SHOWstudio presents a series of films and stills created by a selection of the students involved. Born out of a desire to bring a more genuine and personal portrayal of sex back to the forefront of contemporary fashion, Knight asked his students to create a sexual image taken from an erotic film of their creation.



Pagan Poetry

02 October 2001
View Björk's Pagan Poetry video, directed by Nick Knight, alongside abstract stills selected by Knight from the video, and an exclusive downloadable typeface featured in the single artwork.


21 June 2002
Simon Foxton and Alasdair McLellan collaborate on this erotic exploration of men in denim.


03 April 2002
The incongruous aesthetics of Toile de Jouy and Japanese rope suspension bondage come together in an erotic, interactive collaboration by Julie Verhoeven and Peter Saville.
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