Mastered: MACHINE-A

Launched on 07 April 2016

As part of his Mastered photography course – an online learning program led by fashion industry icons – Nick Knight recruited Anna Trevelyan to help explore and explain the importance of styling in image-making. She tasked aspiring creatives with pitching a photoshoot inspired by both their own unique location and existing network of collaborators and the stock at cult store MACHINE-A.




09 June 2015
Hong Kong retailer JOYCE and London store MACHINE-A unite on a cross-cultural partnership that highlights the work of the most inspirational Chinese and British fashion graduates.

In Bloom

20 December 2012
Rounding off our Flora series, Anna Trevelyan and duo Meinke Klein pay homage to the GIF.

RCA MA 2013

28 May 2013
Discover the work of the RCA Fashion MA class of 2013.
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