Moving Fashion

Launched on 29 September 2005

The printed page has determined the way fashion looks since women's magazines were first introduced. For over three centuries garments have appeared as if frozen still. Nick Knight's key motivation for founding SHOWstudio was to investigate the representation of clothing through sound and motion; perhaps the last great challenge in fashion image making. Moving Fashion aimed to exploit this exciting new opportunity through an in-depth study of fashion film.



Compulsive Viewing: The Films Of Guy Bourdin

17 April 2003
Discover the moving image work of Guy Bourdin; eleven fashion films edited from never-before-seen archival footage and showcased exclusively by SHOWstudio.


13 December 2001
The first ever global, live-streamed fashion shoot, in which nine top models were styled, made-up and put to bed at The Metropolitan Hotel.

Editing Fashion

19 December 2005
An enquiry into the craft of film editing. A number of professional editors tackled the same footage to produce an eclectic series of fashion films.