Launched on 01 May 2020

Nick Knight and artist Tino Kamal collaborate on the music video for the artist's new single 'Ocean' featuring Pablo Productions. Knight and Kamal have a long working relationship, this video being their fifth venture together. Knight captures Kamal's romanticism through projections, reflections and calming digital water-like textures.

Main Contributors



London Kings

15 October 2017
An unruly collaboration between image-maker Nick Knight and musician Tino Kamal.

Diamond Blues

27 November 2000
An intimate Super 8 film featuring Kate Moss, Bobbie Gillespie and an impromptu cover of 'Diamond Blues'.

Pagan Poetry

02 October 2001
View Björk's Pagan Poetry video, directed by Nick Knight, alongside abstract stills selected by Knight from the video, and an exclusive downloadable typeface featured in the single artwork.