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Illustration: Petra Lunenburg in Loewe

by Nicasio Torres on 7 May 2020

For my LOEWE story:

I wanted to create the feeling of being a bit boxed in... in a slightly too small house.

So the room is blue - all walls are filled.

Whereas normally I leave a lot of white/paper in my work. I wanted to create a slight feeling of oppression.

'Feeling slightly locked up in my Loewe'

I chose this dress as it has a style of its own–not relating to any time in particular, both Romantic and futuristic- and I thought how that is exactly how I feel–like we are in our own time capsule.

My pose in the picture is both strong and scared at the same time: connected with my hands held, but afraid with my shoulders high up, nearly banging the ceiling, since it feels small.

I am a big fan of Loewe/Jonathan Anderson's work.

- Petra Lunenburg

For my LOEWE story:

Illustration: Petra Lunenburg
Collection: Loewe A/W 20 womenswear
Petra Lunenburg


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