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Webcam Gallery: Stars and Styles

published on 26 January 2004

Self Service came to town to photograph the stylish stars of the London scene inside the SHOWstudio live space; we captured the shoot via the webcam.

Self Service came to town to photograph the stylish stars of the London scene inside the SHOWstudio live space; we captured the shoot via the webcam.

Designer, Inacio Ribeiro of Clements Ribeiro
Designer, Suzanne Clements of Clements Ribeiro
Musician, Ronnie Wood With Brother Art
Musician, Ronnie Wood
Artist, Tracey Emin
Artist, Phillipa Horan
SHOWstudio Fashion Editor and Stylist, Michelle Duguid
Publisher, Matthew Slotover
SHOWstudio Technical Director, Dorian Moore
SHOWstudio Motion Image Designer, Adam Mufti
SHOWstudio Chief Designer, Paul Bruty
Artist, Jonathan Gent
The Polaroid Courier
Artist, Cerith Wyn Evans
Musician, Jarvis Cocker
Musician, Jarvis Cocker
Musician, Martin Grant
Musician, Jason Buckle
The Polaroid Table
Vocalist, Candida Doyle of Pulp
Editor, Jefferson Hack
Artist, Enrico David
Artist, Rebecca Warren
Curator, Charlotte Cotton
Fashion Director, Lulu Kennedy
Artist, Matthew Collishaw
Stylist, Jonathan Kaye
SHOWstudio Curatorial Projects Director, Christabel Stewart
SHOWstudio Creative Director, Paul Hetherington
SHOWstudio Editor-in-chief, Penny Martin
Yale Erentok-Yau
Ergun Dundar
Stylist and Jewellery Designer, Judy Blame
Designer, Suzanne Lee
Designer, Simon Thorogood
Designer, Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto
Designer, Wakako Kishimoto of Eley Kishimoto
Designer, Alexander McQueen
Curator, Suzi Alan
PR, Karla Otto
PR, Karla Otto
Andrée Cooke
Publisher/Editor/Creative Director, Terry Jones
Artist, Tim Noble
Artist, Sue Webster
Stylist, Panos Yiapanis
Dancer, Michael Clark
Model, Lily Cole
Francesca Amfipheatrof
Photographer, Alice Hawkins
Photographer, Alice Hawkins
Photographer, Liz Collins
Photographer, Liz Collins
Gallerist, Jay Joplin
Publicist, Fran Cutler
Art Director, Shona Heath
Art Editor/writer, Mark Sanders
Fashion Editor, Simon Robins
Photographer, Jason Evans
Stylist, Anna Cockburn
SHOWstudio Director and Photographer, Nick Knight
Stylist, Simon Foxton
Designer, Giles Deacon
Creative Consultant, Kim Sion
Serena Rees of Agent Provocateur
Artist, Sam Taylor-Wood
Artist, Fiona Rae
Joe Corre of Agent Provocateur
Gallerist, Detmar Blow


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