The Deep Web

Launched on 24 January 2014

Anything's possible online and anything's possible in the fantasies of your mind! #BEENTRILL# and KTZ worked with Nick Knight on a shoot to celebrate their new collaboration. The shoot and resultant fashion film explore the links between the limitless possibilities of the unconscious mind and the those of the deep web. Models include rising young rap stars like BLADEE and ECCO2K of GRAVITY BOYS and model Betty Adewole.




10 November 2000
In this atypical ode to the Spring/Summer 2000 collections, stylist Jane How's wearable sweetie-wrapper constructions meet Nick Knight's 3-D scanner.


20 December 2000
A four year-old, a one year-old and two three year-olds run the show in this exploration of childhood creativity.


21 November 2001
Beauty and impermanence are explored in this collaborative art installation by Alexander McQueen, Nick Knight and Bjork.
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