Tumblr Takeover: BBZ

Launched on 01 June 2018

To coincide with and SHOWstudio's rolling Queer project, London-based collective BBZ was invited to curate the SHOWstudio Tumblr for the first week of June 2018. Following on from May's curator, artist Dominic Myatt, who explored the subversive queer themes within his own work, BBZ's takeover explored the experiences of queer individuals of colour.

Main Contributors




27 July 2012
A group of subjects define gender on their own terms and express themselves through their unique style in this poignant project.


19 September 2018
SHOWstudio’s 2018 Queer project is an open, interrogative and creative exploration of the term, celebrating communities that align with contemporary notions of queerness and the fashion that emerges.

The System Isn’t Broken. It Was Built This Way.

09 June 2020
The writer and broadcaster Afua Hirsch speaks about how modern Britain must recognise its dark colonial history.
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