Tumblr Takeover: Erica Schreiner

Launched on 07 August 2013

For the first week of August 2013, we surrender control of our Tumblr to video and performance artist Erica Schreiner. A regular contributor to various SHOWstudio film series, this week presents an opportunity to go deeper into her work as she posts up a storm of her inspirations and preoccupations.

Main Contributors




12 December 2012
Video and performance artist Erica Schreiner contributes an autobiographical performance piece about loss, communication and the loss of communication.

The Tale of the Bravest Warrior

28 March 2013
To celebrate Easter with an appropriate quantity of eggs, SHOWstudio launches an exclusive new film by acclaimed young filmmaker Erica Schreiner.


18 March 2016
Two years in the making, Satori is an experimental feature length art film, created by New York based, video and performance artist, Erica Schreiner.
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