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published on 28 October 2003

Harri Peccinotti captures work from Nike's White Dunk exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.

Harri Peccinotti captures work from Nike's White Dunk exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.

Yasuhito Udagawa creates objects primarily for use in publications and adverts. The idea for his work came from seeking out an American interpretation of the word 'dunk', meaning to dunk a donut in coffee.
Katsuya Terada works in animation, comics, illustration, film and clothing design. He is renowned for his strong fantasy vision.
A master in modeling, Takayuki Takeya has worked as a model maker on many live-action movies such as 'Zeiram', 'Future Ninja', and 'True Kamen Rider.
Hajime Sorayama has been a practising illustrator since 1972, creating erotic art in many medium, from 3-D 'robots' to illustrated pin-ups. Renowned for his 'hyper illustrated' style of erotic art, he is credited with conceptual originality.
An artist and character designer, Yasushi Nirasawa is part of a new wave of Japanese 'Manga' enthusiasts. He designed creatures for the film 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within'. He aimed to create a responsive work suggestive of a vampiric character.
Kenji Ando makes transparent figurines, often creating them for game characters such as 'Final Fantasy'. His 'White Dunk' character resonates with a fairy-like inspiration.
Masakazu Katsura's is a comic writer. His publications include ' Video Girl Ai' and 'Woman in the Man'. His first published work, 'Yume Senshi Wingman' in 1983 introduced a theme for his practise - superheroism. He continues to explore its tragic limits.
Eisaku Kito is a renowned model-maker, creating figurative art for movies such as 'Zeiram'. He has collaborated with Takashi Murakami on a figure project. His response also highlights an angelic quality, inspired by the purity of whiteness.
Yukio Fujioka is one of Japan's great figurative artists. He has created figures for the computer game 'Final Fantasy', and recently released 'Demons Chronicle'. His design recognised that shoes come in a pair, and made a twin piece.
Jun Goshima is a figure artist. He has made figures for 'Pokemon' and is a regular contributor to 'Hobby Japan' magazine. His idea suggests that mankind started making shoes in response to excavating a shoe-bone.
Atsushi Kamijyo is a comic writer. He has written the comics 'SEX', 'To-Y', and 'Black and White'. He has also designed characters for 'TVCM', 'Sharp' and 'Shiseido'. His piece is about two girls who both need shoes: one is desperate, the other is not.
Renowned modeler Hideaki Hirata creates the frames for the 'KUBRICK' series. In 1998, he established 'Mastered Models', and he regularly writes for industry publications. His work is about American superstars encountering foreign culture with humility'.
Haruo Suekichi is a watch designer. His response was inspired by the natural jumping powers of a frog.
In 1993, Yuji Oniki made his debut in the Japanes figure-art world. He has a great faculty for expression, especially for the beauty and mass of his humans and monsters.
Shuji Yonezawa designs hero characters for 'Try Hearts', 'Dashman' and 'Wonder V'.
Hitoshi Yoneda is a fantasy illustrator, particularly revered for his dragon imagery. Production Assistance Liquid Stone.
Naoki Sato is an artist and columnist for the model magazine 'Hobby Japan' on the art of figurative model making. He took inspiration from triangular space crafts in the original Star Wars film for his design.
Keiichi Sato is an established animator who has pioneered many 'hero' based animations for children as well as working in game design and concert set design. He is inspired by the technology involved in shoe design. Production Assistance Kaibutsuya.
Yukihiro Suzuki is a figurative artist who applies a fairy-tale style to creating human and animal robots. He is currently working on a picture book for children. His work explores the relationship between the shoemaker and the customer.
Kow Yokoyama is a talented illustrator who designs 'TVCM' characters and creates stage art. He is also active in the figurative art field with a series he calls 'MAK'. In this work he wanted to express a simple daydream type world.
Junichi Taniguchi is a toy model creator, specializing in Japanese 'Classic Hobgoblins'. His work references good luck charms that look like rakes - a symbol for an affluent harvest.
Shinichi Yamashita is a figure maker whose piece is about Japanese anime and comics which promotes the Japanese comic tendency to foreground ordinary girls becoming strong, rather than a more male macho American comic tendency.
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko has worked in animation for many projects, including 'Mushi-pro' and created comics like 'Yamato Spaceship', 'Gundam' and 'Namuji'. Suit Gundam Sotsu Agency Sunrise.
Eiji Nakayama is a young figure artist whose work references history and fantasy.



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28 October 2003
SHOWstudio presents an exclusive behind-the-scenes film of Harri Peccinotti at work photographing the extraordinary works in an exhibition dedicated to Nike's classic 'Dunk' basketball trainer at Palais de Tokyo.

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