Live Now Alexander McQueen live fashion show

October 4 2015 18:30 - October 14 2015 20:30 BST

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  • Director and Founder of SHOWstudio, Nick Knight oversees all of SHOWstudio's creative output. Continuing to explore the possibilities of fashion film and photography in his own work, Knight established SHOWstudio on a manifesto of collaboration and transparency of process.
  • As Executive Producer of SHOWstudio, Charlotte Knight oversees the production of all of SHOWstudio's projects from planning through to the various elements of post-production.
  • The Director of SHOWstudio's Shop, Carrie Scott curates the gallery exhibitions that involve collaborations with a number of artists, fashion designers and other creatives from around the world. Scott also curates a number of live-broadcast studio residencies that run alongside each exhibition, revealing the working practice of some of fashion, fine art and film's most influential practitioners.
  • As Editor Lou Stoppard works alongside Nick Knight to manage the editorial direction of SHOWstudio. Stoppard's role includes commissioning freelance work, coming up with site concepts, providing collections coverage, organising fashion live broadcasts and interviews, producing essential writing for the site and reporting for the blog. She also hosts SHOWstudio's live panel discussions during collections.
  • As Digital Art Director, Jon Emmony works alongside Nick Knight as well as other departments to uphold the visual quality of the website; working on projects past and present, aiming to deliver them in the most impactful and visually effective ways possible. Emmony also works with offline design as well as maintaining social media avenues such as Facebook and Tumblr.
  • As a film editor at SHOWstudio, Younji Ku works closely with Nick Knight, edits most of his films, and constructs sound for a variety of SHOWstudio projects.
  • As a film editor at SHOWstudio, Raquel Couceiro works closely with Nick Knight and Lou Stoppard on the site's fashion films and interviews.
  • As SHOWstudio's Technical Supervisor, Ben Bowe-Carter is responsible for the technical production of SHOWstudio's projects and livestreams.
  • As E-commerce Manager at SHOWstudio, Mariana Kazarnovsky works to develop the online store and its product offering, marketing activities and customer service. She also works with London concept store MACHINE-A, offering customers the ability to shop their collections online through the SHOWstudio / MACHINE-A partnership.
  • SHOWstudio's contributing head of fashion film Marie Schuller works with Nick Knight within the development and production of SHOWstudio's fashion films. This includes establishing concepts for films series and discovering talent. In addition, Schuller continues to produce her own work for the site.
  • As First Photographic Assistant to Nick Knight, Markn Ogue works on all Nick Knight’s photographic shoots as well as a variety of SHOWstudio projects.
  • As Nick Knight's Second Assistant, Britt Lloyd works closely alongside Knight to provide camera and production assistance on his many projects.
  • Matthew Williams is an Art Director currently working with SHOWstudio on a number of new projects.
  • As Multimedia Consultant for, Danny Brown works with Nick Knight and SHOWstudio's creative and technical departments to develop and incorporate new creative and interactive multimedia applications for the site.