Harri Peccinotti (born 1938, London, UK) is revered as a photographer, but has been an industry 'multi-tasker' since he began his professional career during the 1950s as a commercial artist and musician, with notable skill as a bass trombonist. At this time he designed record sleeves for 'Esquire', book jackets for 'Penguin', and later became an art director and photographer in advertising. Peccinotti was the original art director for 'Nova' magazine, where he and editor Dennis Hackett helped establish it as one of the most influential magazines of the 1960s by introducing ground breaking concepts in typeface, format and photographic direction. He also art directed Flair, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Vogue. He quit art-directing to become a full time photographer, still creating content for many of the same magazines. His list of regular magazine commissioners grew to include Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Town, Queen, and Rolling Stone. Peccinotti is also renowned for his collaborative design of French daily newspaper 'Le Matin', with David Hillman, and he achieved particular renown for his erotic imagery for two Pirelli calendars -1968 and 1969- with designer Derek Birdsall.

The 1968 calendar, shot in Tunisia, pioneered non-traditional pin-up images, which focussed details such as a wisp of hair against the neck or a profile bathed in light. The imagery for the1969 calendar was shot in California without the use of professional models. Peccinotti continues to have his work in French Vogue, Russian Vogue, Gloss, Delciae Vitae and 10 Magazine working with such fashion editors as Charlotte Stockdale and Antje Winte and has been revered by receiving a number of awards in England and America for both art direction and photography.


  1. 28 Oct 2003
    Harri Peccinotti features in a project.

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