Hilary Alexander is a celebrated British fashion writer. Born in New Zealand, Alexander trained as a news journalist before making Hong Kong her temporary home, where she was the Fashion Editor to China Mail.

After her stint at China Mail, Alexander moved to the United Kingdom in 1982 where she became fashion director of the Daily Telegraph. It was here that Alexander made her mark on British fashion communication by organising and styling shoots world wide, providing continuous writing and show reviews across the newspaper and its corresponding outlets.

Alexander also has extensive broadcasting experience and is a frequent contributor to various television shows. Her extensive background in writing has seen her twice crowned as the British Fashion Journalist of the Year at the British Fashion Awards first in 1998 and 2003. As such, she is an honorary professor at various highly reputed fashion schools.

Having retired from The Daily Telegraph in June 2011 with a party hosted by the BFC and The Telegraph, Alexander continues to write for them on a frequent basis alongside other publications.



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