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Marie Kristiansen is a photographer, director, and conceptual artist. She has directed music and fashion videos, co directed and filmed a feature film, and exhibited her art work in several European cities.

Kristiansen was born in Norway in 1982. This cinematic character in her work can be traced back to her upbringing as the daughter of director/producer parents. Her own birth featured in the award winning film 'Headman' (1984) and she went on to spend most of her childhood on film sets. At the age of nine, she was rewarded the Youth in Film Award in Hollywood for Best Young Actress in a Foreign Film for her role in Måker (1991). She performed in several productions at the Opera House in Oslo as part of the Norwegian Royal Academy of Ballet. Kristiansen graduated from Central Saint Martin in 2007 and has since exhibited her works in public and private spaces in Norway and abroad.

Her first solo exhibition of a series of photographs, 'HERE THEY ARE: Portraits of the female Masquerade', explored the idea that in theory women are both liberated and empowered, yet it seems the self representation they choose still evolves around the male gaze. Shot in Tuscany, with beautiful models dressed in bold colors depicting the female genitalia, the work introduced her signature surreal scenarios. In 'The Result of Partial Obedience and Unequal Yoke', also photography, this signature look could be found in the dramatic scenery created by the mountains on the Western Coast of her native Norway. In a recent short film commissioned by young designer Fam Irvoll, Kristiansen returns to one of her key themes: the preconceived ideas of womanhood which are deeply encrusted in contemporary society. The video features Norwegian musician 'Dr. S' entertaining a group of women, whose dynamics bears resemblances to that of a pack of wolves.

Whilst living in LA Kristiansen directed 'Exteriors' with Patrik Syversen. Kristiansen, who also did the cinematography, is the first female photographer and the youngest woman to ever direct a feature in Norway.

Kristiansen is currently based in Los Angeles, USA.




  1. 17 Jul 2012
    Marie Kristiansen features in a project.

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