Image: Rankin

Debuting her eponymous fashion label at the On/Off Exhibition during London Fashion Week in February 2007 with a collection entitled 'Quiet Noise', Hannah Marshall began her mission to create a contemporary British luxury brand of edgy restraint, body-consciousness and dynamic silhouette.

Gaining a First Class degree from Colchester School of Art & Design in 2003, her talent and wealth of experience with leading London fashion designers attracted the attentions of the first ever Creative Pioneer Programme to come from NESTA (The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) and at the age of 21, Hannah was the youngest of 30 young entrepreneurs to receive personal and business training to help transform their ideas into a business.

Marshall is now supported by The Centre for Fashion Enterprise and has been recognised by organisations such as the Gen Art in New York, Channel 4 and New Generation sponsorship offered by TOPSHOP at London Fashion Week. 

Engineered with precision and control from a high-octane mix of contrasting fabrics, such as signature leather with caviar-like stingray, luxurious stretch velvet and taught elastic against lustrous silks, Marshall's garments meet high confidence with high glamour and involve a heavy use of black and a measured introduction each season of other minimal shades.