Maria Pask’s art takes place primarily in projects that focus on processes and include people from a wide variety of societal groups. Based on artistic strategies developed for the most part during the 1960s, the artist’s works are reminiscent of the radical nature of the alternative movement. Thus, while Pask uses new forms of theatrical production in her oeuvre, she does not hesitate to re-enact musicals or draw upon the particular aesthetics of this generation when this suits her purposes. Indeed, in her explorations of group dynamics and the position of the individual in the community, Pask employs a broad array of formats, ranging from sculpture to creative workshops and different forms of group therapy. She takes the creative and social potential of these formats and transforms them into colourful installations infiltrated with amateur art. Teamwork and exchange with different societal groups are crucial to Pask’s working methods and show the influence of the theatre on her art.

An important aspect of Pask’s artistic approach is to create situations that draw audiences into unexpected situations. The goal is less to provoke the audience than to attempt to use this kind of confrontation to overcome inhibitions, break with social conventions, and thereby create something new – all with a good dose of humour.

Maria Pask lives and works in Amsterdam.



  1. 27 Jul 2005
    Maria Pask features in a project.