AI Fashion Week Announces Top 10 Fashion Designers of the Future

by SHOWstudio on 10 May 2023

Part showcase, part competition, New York City’s first AI Fashion Week has declared the top 10 creators pushing the boundaries of AI design.

Part showcase, part competition, New York City’s first AI Fashion Week has declared the top 10 creators pushing the boundaries of AI design.

Unless you’re a technologically averse hermit, then you should be well aware that generative AI is having a moment. The novel technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate new text or images from an infinite database of information has dominated the headlines, most notably in art and fashion. As systems like ChatGPT, DALL-E and Midjourney continue to become more advanced, creatives around the world are utilising AI as a new tool to bring their visions to life. Always at the forefront of technology and fashion, SHOWstudio previously worked with digital designers like Maison Taskin, who used AI to generate designs for our NFT project ikon-1.

Matilde Mariano

As AI continues to carve a niche within fashion it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that there would be an official AI Fashion Week. Taking place in New York City last month, AI Fashion Week not only set out to showcase creations from around the world but also highlight the limitless possibilities of AI in fashion. The event (which doubled as a competition) invited creatives to submit their AI generated designs. With strict guidelines in place, designers were not allowed to use prompts that relied on the work of exisiting designers' work. Rather, they were encouraged to use heavily researched prompts in order to create wholly unique ideas.


From countless entries, AI Fashion Week has narrowed its search down to ten finalists. Across menswear and womenswear, the finalists presented a range of aesthetics. While some designers like Gianluca Traina and Matilde Mariano presented refined (and realistic) collections that wouldn’t look out of place at a physical fashion week, others like José Sobral of Paatiff and Rayshaun Smith of Chu went full futurism with otherworldly textures. The latter, inspired by the bioluminescent properties of sea creatures like jellyfish, presented a collection reminiscent of the deep sea. Scale embellishment included.

Gaby Roses

At the core of AI Fashion Week is to show the fashion industry the capabilities of AI as a tool for creators. Without needing to attend years of school or an understanding of pattern making, designers are able to visualise their ideas with ease. Beyond ideation, it also allows for the creation of digital samples allowing designers to gauge how garments could look before spending time and resources in making countless samples. Finalist Gaby Roses’ collection was defined by sculptural silhouettes and fur detailing that would otherwise be costly to see on a model with such realism.


From the finalists, a top three will be selected by a jury of industry professionals. Supported by The Revolve Group, the fashion retailer will bring the winning collections to life, producing garments which will be available to purchase online at a later date.

Head to to meet AI Fashion Week's top 10 designers.



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