Here's How the Next Generation of Fashion Communicators See the Future

by SHOWstudio on 26 May 2023

Explore work from a selection of this year's graduating Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Communication & Promotion, History & Theory and Journalism students.

Explore work from a selection of this year's graduating Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Communication & Promotion, History & Theory and Journalism students.


An ambiguous narrative is purposefully channelled into these fashion sittings. Vintage wallpapers and enlarged objects are used as backdrops to a series of rooms that could all live inside the same, ever-expanding house.


A protagonist searches for their soul across four symbolic dreamscapes rich with metaphysical ideas and metaphoric visuals. They – and we – go on a surreal oneiric journey through an inverted wonderland filled with dreamlike scenarios and mythical queer characters.


To and Fro is a documentary dedicated to uplifting the stories of Queer Black men and non-binary people, whilst unravelling the unspoken complexities of their afro hair journeys. It diverts the conversation from barbershops and explores the more intimate spaces where the walls within homes echo sentiments of fellow feelings.

Director: Oré Ajala (@oreajala)

Dop: Samara Addai (@cinesamara)

Editor: Gabriel Chen (@gabrielchen_), Shannon Lu (@shannon__lu)

In order of appearance: Oluwalaní Jegede (@oluwalanii), Roman Sam (@manwigs), Louie Gordon (@loui.e)


This thesis explores fashion, style and identity in 1980s New York City through an exploration of street photography collections by Amy Arbus and Jamel Shabazz. On The Street (2006) depicts the postmodern fashion-conscious individual who used dress to communicate their identities and style narratives, subverting fashion's hierarchies. Back in the Days (2001) highlights the significance of fashion to hip-hop culture, exploring how individuals navigated social status, identity, race and class through their pose, walk, talk and dress.



A cast of beautiful youths are adorned in silhouettes, garments and accessories that explore what can happen when ideas aren’t dependent upon being functional or – as fashion demands – formulaic. They are the result of intense, creative intuition. 'Default' is a lookbook that captures the idiosyncrasies of beauty and the intimacy of the human experience.

By Feranmi Eso


This research investigates the evolution of the role of the вишита сорочка, the ethnic Ukrainian embroidered shirt, from an ethnic garment to a symbol of Ukrainian nationalism. By uncovering the ways in which the вишита сорочка has been utilised to express resistance against colonisation and cultural assimilation in the 19th century and the Soviet era, this study reveals the reasons behind the popularity of the вишиванка in modern Ukraine


Peace of Home is a digital film based on the experience of migration from Kazakhstan to Sweden and back again. In collaboration with photographer Baurjan Bismildin, the project reconnects its maker with their origins whilst celebrating a generation of creatives working and thriving in the city of Almaty.


Fashion Film

Fashion Film: On Politics and Fashion

23 July 2008
Milliner Stephen Jones tells anecdotes of fashion and politics in this fascinating video essay.

Tumblr Takeover: Guillermo Ramil López

01 February 2013
Medical student Guillermo Ramil Lopez explored the intersection of medicine and art in a seven day Tumblr takeover.

Panel Discussions: Central Saint Martins Fashion Communication

22 April 2020
Alexander Fury, Gareth Wrighton and Kacion Mayers chaired a series of discussions with graduating students from the Central Saint Martins Fashion Communication pathways.
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