Maisie Wilen To Open Pop-up Store In Selfridges

by Astrid Hiort on 30 January 2020

The supernova fashion brand, Maisie Wilen, is headed for Selfridges with a brand new pop-up store as part of its Happy New Decade campaign.

The supernova fashion brand, Maisie Wilen, is headed for Selfridges with a brand new pop-up store as part of its Happy New Decade campaign.

Having launched in June last year, Maisie Wilen has rocketed in popularity among A-listers and streetwear enthusiasts. Now, the L.A-based label is taking over Selfridges, one of London's most historic department stores, with a pop-up. The initiative is part of Selfridges' Happy New Decade campaign that will be introducing new abstract window displays, light therapy in the store lifts and a Comedy Club inside the Cinema. The initiative aims to elevate the shopping experience by creating a positive and fun mood within the customers, Maisie's vibrant colour palette and playful mix of print a joyful first addition!

But who is Maisie Wilen? (pronounced Willen and not Wylin.) The name behind the designs is Maisie Schloss. The Chicago-born designer graduated from Parsons with a degree in womenswear fashion and soon after went on to work for Kanye West at Yeezy. He is also an investor of the label. 'I learned so much by observing Kanye work. I'm inspired by how his projects are so diverse yet all carry such a strong vision,' Schloss explains.

West is not the only fan. Her garments have definitely struck a chord with other A-listers, from Kylie Jenner to Winnie Harlow, the latter of whom has been spotted in the YS402 dress. 'The Maisie Wilen woman is creative and confident with unconventional taste. She is fashion-conscious yet idiosyncratic, sexy, and playful with her style,' adds Schloss.

When looking at her debut collection one can't help but be energised, her 90s feel, neon colours and abstract prints make you smile, but for Schloss, her influences can be an infusion of opposites. 'I always start with an eclectic range of inspirations and narrow them down during the design process. This collection was inspired by rhythmic gymnastics and robotics and the contrasts between their initial regimented systems and their fluid final products,' she expresses, 'I work in cycles pulling images, sketching, and rendering prints. I do all three endlessly until I have about 1,000 designs before I start editing.'

As Selfridges has spotlighted, Schloss is the one to watch. 'I've learned to trust my instincts. The pieces that I make because I'm really excited about them always outperform the ones I create based on what I think other people will like.'

Find out what you like, experience Maisie Wilen's debut collection and the rest of the buzzing atmosphere in Selfridges as Happy New Decade takes part until March 2020.

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