The LØCI x AGLET Sneaker Collaboration Is Asking You To Step Into The Metaverse

by SHOWstudio on 31 October 2022

The world’s leading geo-location digital sneaker game Aglet have partnered with the British vegan sneaker startup LØCI in time for World Vegan Day.

The world’s leading geo-location digital sneaker game Aglet have partnered with the British vegan sneaker startup LØCI in time for World Vegan Day.

Hot on the heels of their recently announced £4million seed investment, cult sneaker brand LØCI have further elaborated on their mission of diving 'future-first' into uniting style with purpose, choosing to partner with the digital sneaker collecting game Aglet for their latest collaboration. In celebration of World Vegan Day, Aglet are launching their all-vegan cruelty-free sneakers digitally in web3.0 through gamification.

Bringing both communities together, Aglet fans can now access the signature LØCI Ten and LØCI Seven styles, both of which have been re-imagined for the metaverse in digital only 'No Footprint', 'Recycled Plastic', and 'Sapling' colourways with gamers worldwide being able to turn their physical steps into Aglet in-game currency. This new currency will, in turn, be used to buy and collect virtual sneakers, exploring their cities, and hunting for treasure stashes containing currency, virtual sneakers, and even real ones in an attempt to hybridise both worlds.

Also powering Aglet’s 2022 creator month, LØCI will celebrate creators in the Aglet community, providing a canvas for designers to see their creativity realised digitally through a world-cup tournament style series. A panel of industry insiders will select 24 semi-finalists, with each semi-finalist seeing their design released digitally and minted as a 1-of-1 NFT as well as receiving a stash of LØCI sneakers.

For the next four Mondays, six semi-finalists designs will be released through the LØCI app to Aglet’s global community priced at 5 GA (the in-game currency). Each purchase makes up a vote, totalling in the winning style heading straight to the final. The announced recipient of the Grand Prize will win the chance to collaborate with LØCI, creating an IRL collaborative Aglet x LØCI sneaker, which will be released in 2023. 

LØCI are yet another brand to take the leap into exploring the metaverse and the opportunity to create digital garments in response to the demand of GEN Z and our ever-looming digital future. Considering the cruelty-free principles of Web3.0 we couldn't think of a place better than the metaverse to celebrate World Vegan Day.


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