Flowers of Evil

Launched on 13 November 2015

Experimental artist Joseph Lally continues his exploration into the dark side of beauty.

Lally’s latest film mediates on the allure of violence in the cinema and questions society’s need for horror in the arts. Actors Dorian Gray and Jhanelle Castillo feature, while Matthew Ellenberger styles. UMUVOVA provides the soundtrack.

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23 July 2012
Alongside our 2012 exhibition Death, SHOWstudio invited creatives to further explore the theme through a series of live residencies and films.

Violent Fun

27 November 2013
The familiar fashion trope of twins is explored in a new experimental work by avant-garde filmmaker and regular SHOWstudio contributor Joseph Lally.

1 Velvet Mourning

19 June 2012
Coinciding with the opening of SHOWstudio Shop's Death exhibition avant-garde filmmaker Joseph Lally offers up a taboo-breaking film.
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