High Performance

Launched on 04 February 2019

As part of an ongoing collaboration, global lifestyle leader Equinox and filmmaker Nick Knight present High Performance. Riffing on the brand’s 2004 slogan 'It’s Not Fitness. It’s Life', Knight films Naomi Campbell in a series of technicolour environments. Documenting the motion and dynamism of Campbell, the film offers an at once captivating and inspiring visual for those using Equinox Hotels.



It's Not Fitness, It's Life

05 February 2020
A dynamic cast of models, athletes and dancers get physical in Nick Knight's film for global lifestyle leader Equinox.


26 July 2007
Nick Knight shot Naomi Campbell wearing the latest Paris haute couture for the summer issue of V Magazine.

Extraordinary Gentlemen

16 November 2011
Nick Knight and Alister Mackie collaborated with artists LucyandBart to create post-human fusions of installation art and A/W 10 menswear.
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