Launched on 19 March 2010

Ghostly shapes, darting lasers and another manifestation of fashion's fascination with the future, this fashion film by photographer and filmmaker Pierre Debusschere and fashion designer and stylist Rasharn Agyemang offers a neon-hued vision – utopian or dystopian – of a brave new fashion world literally branded from head to toe.



Come As You Are

06 December 2002
Readers submitted Dazed photomontages in celebration of the magazine's ten year anniversary.


11 June 2003
Tapped to showcase Kim Jones' S/S 03 menswear in a new fashion film, image-maker Toyin took the opportunity to explore her obsession with androgynous masculinity.

H Project

15 April 2004
An experimental film collaboration between German fashion collaborative H Project and the film director Zaza Rusadze.
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