Launched on 02 July 2014

In tandem with our Subjective series, which presents the history of contemporary fashion photography as told from models' perspectives, Nick Knight launches Transformative, a series of interviews with stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers. The series aims to highlight and celebrate the tireless behind-the-scenes work these individuals do, rather than simply crediting the photographer as the mastermind of a fashion shot. Knight talks to a range of industry experts whose skills helped create the world's most iconic images.



In Conversation

08 September 2011
Panel talks, interviews and conversations with some of fashion's greatest names.


26 September 2010
A project inspired by shifting notions of sex, sexuality and physicality, an underground New Orleans dance scene and the work of a cult illustrator...

In Your Face: Interviews

06 March 2012
A collection of confrontational interviews with subjects from the worlds of art, fashion and celebrity.