Launched on 01 April 2016

For the first week of April 2016, multimedia artist REMEMBER YOU WERE MADE TO BE USED took to the SHOWstudio Tumblr at our invitation to curate seven days of content dedicated entirely to the screenshot.

REMEMBER explains, 'it’s a brief, missable moment within something much bigger. That singular image doesn’t always seem to exist until you notice it for whatever reasons and take interactive control of the footage. You become a different kind of voyeur - ripping this moment from its original purpose into your digital world, where it gets serendipitously dragged alongside other content pulled out of context to form a new, personal narrative.'

The artist's work exists across a multitude of platforms, from Instagram to a physical, limited edition zine, and fashion films for collaborators such as emerging designer Rory Parnell-Mooney. Exploring the way today's copy and paste generation consumes images, REMEMBER's curation features screenshots from a multitude of inspirations, from films and documentaries to music videos and serendipitous desktop arrangements.



L'AN 2000

22 November 2019
Directed by REMEMBERYOUWEREMADETOBEUSED and shot in Marseille in October 2019, this film presents a multifaceted view of youth and masculinity.

REMEMBER YOU WERE MADE TO BE USED Explores Spectatorship and Mistranslation for Fondazione Prada

07 January 2021
SHOWstudio alum REMEMBER YOU WERE MADE TO BE USED helms I've Seen This Before – the latest film in Fondazione Prada's Finite Rants, an online series exploring the video essay.
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