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Show Report: Fendi S/S 19 Womenswear

by Georgina Evans on 20 September 2018

Georgina Evans reports on Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi S/S 19 womenswear show.

Georgina Evans reports on Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi S/S 19 womenswear show.

Fendi had gone berserk for accessories this season. There were new beautiful bags on practically every model. Some were oversized and in pangs of neon yellow or green against the muted browns of the collection, some starchier shapes were worn cross the body, the Baguette bags - which I'm sure will elate any nineties child - were embellished and fandangled as if to say, 'Look at me! Look who's back!' This influx of accessories was a smart manoeuvre from Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi. Not just because they created an entry-level price point for the younger market, but because the designs had the market in mind too: bright neons are very of the moment, cross-body straps (on Gigi Hadid no less) is how most wear theirs today, and the revival of one of the most iconic 'It bag', at a time when they are one of the most searched terms on eBay or Depop, is incredibly business savvy.

Fendi S/S 19 Womenswear

Pockets were aplenty too. Pockets on the outside of bags, large protruding pockets on jackets with cinched waist, block leather pockets on clear PVC jackets and bombers, utility belt pockets with key chains and clasps - it was pocket-mania! This excess of storage added a welcome utilitarianism to the collection. This too was felt with the addition of column-like waists, scrunched leather sleeves, the majority brown and beige colourings and the pleated skirts - very business, very uniform.

Throughout these sumptuous leathers and hourglass silhouettes, Lagerfeld had peppered sportswear and streetwear influences, such as cycling shorts and perforations. The former when paired with art deco-esque heels were glorious. Monograms were embossed into leather pencil skirt and printed on bomber too. This was a wonderfully archetypal Fendi collection, with serious smarts about it.


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