The Best In Korean Design Head To The Metaverse

by SHOWstudio on 12 January 2023

The Korean Ministry of Culture and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) are currently staging the KOCCA Metaverse Fashion Festival, showcasing the best in Korean digital fashion.

The Korean Ministry of Culture and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) are currently staging the KOCCA Metaverse Fashion Festival, showcasing the best in Korean digital fashion.

From virtual showrooms to fashion shows, shopping and concerts, the KOCCA Metaverse Fashion Festival isn't for the fainthearted. Featuring 20 homegrown designers (including SHOWstudio contributor BMUET(TE)) the Korean-native venture showcases the best of Korean digital fashion talent, and will be accessible worldwide until 31 January, 2023. The aim of the festival? To offer a new experience with 'multi-dimensional content' that will enhance points of contact with global customers in the metaverse.

KOCCA Metaverse Fashion Festival

Access is easy. All you have to do is register using your email account via a web browser on your phone or computer, meaning no app or program installation is necessary. After crafting your own avatar (feel free to go as whacky or scaled back as you want), users can enter the metaverse world and enjoy a variety of content spread across three virtual zones: Fashion City, Shopping City and Enter City. Fashion City takes 'digital fashion to a new level' where it places unique designs in virtual showrooms, mirroring the industry's real-world set up. Not just there to look pretty, visitors will also be able to try on the digital creations and purchase if satisfied all via the brands' retail channels. Shopping City contains three popular Korean retail platforms: EQL, The Hyundai Seoul and Hankyu Osaka with shoppers allowed access to the e-stores at anytime. Fashion shows in collaboration with The Ghost Agency will also be making an appearance.

Drawing away from the fashion element, lastly we have Enter City which will house various performances and events with programs including the Concept Korea New York (a fashion show supported by KOCCA), a performance by beloved K-Pop artist Hyolin and other events supported by CJ ENM.

KOCCA Metaverse Fashion Festival

'This is a team activity' designer and KOCCA Fashion Festival participant SEOKWOON YOON told SHOWstudio. 'It was my first time participating in such a project and so in order to do so successfully I needed to work in tandem with everyone to create a new world that prompts new conversation. I love seeing my designs - which often involve textile manipulations - in the metaverse, it's so different to everything that's come before.' Harking back to the community element of this project, Yoon added 'I love that feeling of community and it's something that is so important in fashion. What makes this project different is that fashion is only a small part. it also involves different kinds of fields like architecture, interior design, and communication design too'.

Similarly to Yoon, SHOWstudio contributor BMUET(TE) also believes in the project's way of bringing designers together. 'The KOCCA Metaverse Fashion Festival does more than give us a platform. It provides us new ways to connect and share experience about our collection with others. We are also in charge of our own narrative and are given freedom to create a story that removes the barriers of expression. We can now connect beyond the boundaries or limits of time or space to share our experience with just one click of mouse'.

KOCCA Metaverse Fashion Festival



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