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LiveStudio: Giles Deacon

published on 27 June 2011

Giles Deacon and his team make an elaborate Le Smoking jacket in homage to rodeo tailor Nudie Cohn.

Giles Deacon and his team make an elaborate Le Smoking jacket in homage to rodeo tailor Nudie Cohn.


27 JUN 2011. 16:04

Q: did i miss the interview?
A: Giles has left the building but his smoking jacket is available to view (and indeed, to buy eventually from the SHOWstudio Shop) for a little while longer.

27 JUN 2011. 13:19

Q: Seems like you put a huge confidence in your assistants. How long is it since you work together?
A: Alcy who works for Giles full-time:
I've worked for him for three and a half years now

27 JUN 2011. 12:29

Q: Is it Giles actually doing this live stream?
A: He had to pop out for a short time but will back a little later!

27 JUN 2011. 11:50

Q: What do you prefer to start working on a piece? From paper, pen and pattern? Or dress form (or human body) with fabric pins and draping? And why?
A: All of them!! Some things we work on from the stand other times we draw or take photographs and use them to draw with.
I like to keep it as varied as possible!

27 JUN 2011. 11:46

Q: Whats with all the silver foil? Is it your version of Andy Warhol's factory?
A: It certainly has its similarities!

27 JUN 2011. 11:27

Q: Do you have a range rover?
A: No I don't!

27 JUN 2011. 11:23

Q: who cuts alcy's hair? where's the strobe?
A: Giles Deacon!

27 JUN 2011. 11:20

Q: Is there going to be a Barbarella sequel after today? Jane Fonda would look great in Space Leather.
A: She would - good idea!

27 JUN 2011. 11:12

Q: what did you just spray all over the jacket?

27 JUN 2011. 11:04

Q: Going back to the court summons invite: was the intention to make people have a minor coronary?! Because I had one!
A: Only those with guilty consciences!

27 JUN 2011. 11:00

Q: What kind of music do you usually work to?
A: Many and varied - we have music on all the time.
Things like Moon Duo, Soft Truth, Yellow Fever.
For me music is essential. I can't work in silence. It gets an atmosphere going!

27 JUN 2011. 10:58

Q: Who is in the studio with you? Seems like a BLAST! I want to come play.
A: John Quinn - lots of hand-sewing
Jess - Designs and shop manager during showtime, in time model
Alcy - Designer - multi-talented!

27 JUN 2011. 10:54

Q: What is Style the Nation like?
A: Really really good fun - Nick Grimshaw is fantastic. I never thought telly could be so much fun!

27 JUN 2011. 10:53

Q: Has working at Ungaro been a huge change for you?
A: It means I spend a lot of time on the EuroStar!! It's been amazing and it's great being in Paris so much.

27 JUN 2011. 10:52

Q: You seem to design for women with real figures - ample hips, full busts fill out your designs. Is that a conscious decisions?
A: I design for all women - all shapes and sizes. Every woman.

27 JUN 2011. 10:50

Q: For your last collection you sent out an invite that looked like an exact facsimile of an official summons to appear in court, right? How come?
A: The show was at the royal courts of justice so it was apt - so people called up saying they hadn't received an invite as we sent them in the original court style envelopes and most people had thrown them in the bin!

27 JUN 2011. 10:44

Q: My GOD! What are you guys actually making and how much will it cost. I've always wanted a mirrored jacket.
A: A leather smoking jacket. It will be available to buy from SHOWstudio Shop and will be exhibited in our current exhibition - Practice to Deceive: Smoke and Mirrors in Fashion, Fine Art and Film. It is £6,500. For any enquiries, email

27 JUN 2011. 10:42

Q: This totally reminds me of that scene in Superman when Superman and Lois first crawl into bed together. Only thing is, they looked cold in the scene and you guys look like your boiling. Are you? And is Superman a source of inspiration?
A: A bit of kryptonite wouldn't go a miss - and he's hot!!

27 JUN 2011. 10:34

Q: can I buy Giles as he is so lovely?
A: I think we can strike up a very reasonable deal!

Design Assistance:
Alcy Lynch, Jess Gough, Jonquin Eden
Project Concept:
Fashion Direction:
Film Edit:
Film Grade:
Zoe Hitchen
Technical Supervision:
Camera Assistance:
Studio Assistance:
Ashley Sherrard
Special thanks to:
Mesh Chhibber



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