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published on 22 October 2007

SHOWstudio asked SHOWstudio viewers to submit suggestions for Antony Hegarty's bricolage soundscape for Hussein Chalayan's Readings fashion film. Read the ideas submitted via the blog comments section.

SHOWstudio asked SHOWstudio viewers to submit suggestions for Antony Hegarty's bricolage soundscape for Hussein Chalayan's Readings fashion film. Read the ideas submitted via the blog comments section.

Marc Simon:

hope, you still take notice ;)
Ivan Čkonjević "Plavi bicikl pod oblacima rdje"
track 1


simple....Björk - Jóga

mamoru K:

hot spring whoosh meets chirping birds!

mamoru K:

mcluhan meets eno meets the coke bottle filled with pebbles.

mamoru K:

reich meets hegarty meets gould!


a song by bülent ersoy, i think. a dramatic and outstanding persona that is idolised by antony himself. her music has a sincere, bold and -somehow- domineering attitude. like some religious hymns that shake its believers' souls but sound horrifying and/or primitive to others.


No matter how brilliant the Icon, the shifting sands of public opinion and the constant ticking of time echoes in the background. Heard or unheard, change is inevitable. "Only the paranoid survive." 
My suggestions are: 
-the falling and/or shaking of sand. 
-the tick-tock of clocks. 
Look forward to the end product. 
Good Luck.


how about opening a bottle of coke or other fizzy drink, that pssssscht sound.


the sound of slow motion flash bulbs. 
-ancient cultures immortalised their idols as statues we take photographs. 
money being flushed down the toilet 
-modern day idolatry has more to do with publicity and corporations who build idols in a commercial sense rather than being chosen as symbols of intellect, accomplishment or spirituality. 
a heavy bell tone 
-a call to worship 
Tina Turner - 'Simply the Best' 
- a populist anthem for media heroes/ icons 
"I call you when I need you, my heart's on fire 
You come to me, come to me wild and wild 
When you come to me 
Give me everything I need 
Give me a lifetime of promises and a world of dreams 
Speak a language of love like you know what it means 
And it can't be wrong 
Take my heart and make it strong baby 
You're simply the best, better than all the rest 
Better than anyone, anyone I've ever met 
I'm stuck on your heart, and hang on every word you say 
Tear us apart, baby I would rather be dead"


Vocalist sings into the resonating chamber of an upright or grand piano. With the sustain pedal held, the frequencies sung hold in the space. Knocking, tapping, sliding fingernails accross the outer body of the piano add percussive elements. Try releasing the sustain and holding keys without striking a string, then the resonating sound can be focused to a note or chord. At this point plucking or gliding a hand accross the strings will make a zither-like sound, but bellowing vocals into the chamber can remain to enhance the piece. Play the piano. Use it. Feel it.

mamoru K:

Yes! Medium is the message or rather Media is the message. I propose there be a counterpoint of Anthony's voice in a canonesque treatment. By this i am referring to Guillaume de Machaud's "La fin est mon commencent". A witty rendition of either text (pure speech) and horizontally/melodically inclined music. In this manner, we touch upon the archaic spirit (genus loci) of "time". Space being expressed by the dynamic between the voices/words/breaths etc... I don't want to suggest other than what can be a concept that is somewhat pure in it's language. Dirtying it up comes in the realization i guess. Ideas for the text : 1- the text can be 4 whatever number of individual characters being interviewed about the phenomena of isolation. Isolated beings that create "utopic thithers". Idolisation or idolatry is often a form of intense "divertissement". Hero worship could be more a propos in regards to modern media idols. the voices being interviewed are interpreted (spoken or sung or both) by Anthony. Anthony can use a LEXICON JamMan pedal to prerecord himself as he prepares to enter with the new voice. This will probably produce beautiful results. The entry of each of the voices is timed in accordance to the preceding voice. It infuses new life into the discourse. the words could relate to the natural elements. Maybe intimating animism. I see an individual who living in the great white north has come to see every element (snow, tundra, wind, stones, lichen etc...) as pieces of the grand design that he/she is intimately involved in. I guess there, one can discover a deeper meaning of absence/presence. As for modern figureheads, i can't relate to humans as icons. I think of an atom, now there is an icon!


hook rubberbands on your fingers at different tensions and play like a stringed instrument


blow up a balloon and slowly let the air out until you get the high pitch screech and then the farty bit at the end! Or blow up lots of balloons to different sizes and pop them at various intervals whilst letting the air out slowly from another.


Antony playing the comb- placing a piece of tissue over a plastic comb and blowing through, like a mouth organ. Or, getting back to nature using a bird calling whistle.


put two grass reeds between the sides of your thumbs press together and blow! sorry it may be called reed blowing?


Or what about just give him a full Foley kit and see what he can do with it? It's bound to have all the stuff you need for Deity-worthy thunder-cracks, lightning bolts and the like.

Kirsty Alsopp Fanclub:

What about a Jew's harp? I hear they're quite dangerous to play, mind, and can slice the tongue of a less experienced player. Great sound, though!


I'd like to hear Antony play non-stop chromatic scales and arpeggios on the piano, just like after-school practice.

Vaughn Hardcastle:

Antony should just set his vocals wild over the Mixolydian scale. It would totally suit his voice.


a few lovely instruments:
a saw
pots and pans
slide guitar
sheep's bones
hammond organ
and last but not least, a pipe organ
cheers x


i have always admired the sigur ros esq quality of using the voice as an instrument in itself, no words just playing the vocal chords as if the chords of a harp


The sound of Antony dripping lit matches into water.


The treatment of this should maybe try the sounds of synthetic materials. Artists these days are always trying to go quiet organic and natural. Antony should fly into the opposite direction working with plastics, styrofoams, and metals etc... Squeezing out as much sound on them as possible trying to even create rhythmic beats with the use of a dictaphone, capturing sound and replaying them as new ones are created.


Antony should play the conch. The mythological Greek God, Triton used a 'twisted conch shell to calm or raise the waves'.


Hegarty should be filmed creating sounds on what is commonly known as instruments-non-instruments, such as the sound of rattling cages, books falling, light switches clicking on and off, singing into fans, the spokes of bike wheels spinning, something slightly reminiscent of matmos but not in an obvious way matching his unique voice to the most common of things


Snip, snip, snip of scissors cutting hair, Jazz snare drum alternates like a lounge act in Vegas, cat meows, then cellophane is unwrapped, again and again...with words sang in the sounds of the double pipe and trumpet, silence (reading) the beating of a heart fast then slow. The singing of a woman alternates with a voice of a man but they ultimately mere into one voice which sinks lower and lower while psychedelic rock and roll fades up and the sounds of temples crash-Atlantis falls, buildings falls, until a temple bell sounds, water drips, dragonfly buzzes and the singer sings the word one, one, one, the beauty of one.

nick knight:

I am not sure that copyright would allow, but personally I would love to hear you sing The Golden Apples Of The Sun by Terry Callier.


talking through a megaphone, tuning a radio, whispering, tap dancing, clapping, clicking his fingers and sing Happy Birthday To You.


perhaps he could say a pun;" my niece is cold because my knees is cold." Thank you.


It has been a long time since i last wrote, but this is what I would like Antony to do; place a toy vibrating fish on the strings of a piano.
Thank you



Mix looped tracks of the Nuremberg Rally crowds with Tesco checkout-till 'beeps' and Antony reading the current FTSE figures.


Native American drum beating with Arab woman clicking their tongues then several men blow the horn like before a Mediaeval Joust. Fade up dripping water next the readings with the sounds of pages turnings then ripping at a pause a huge sigh the scratching, biting, laughing, children playing, rainforest at night, the ǃKung people chanting then guitars, drum, rock and roll with more readings, the end of the world with the explosion of the A-bomb,(Silence) ending with the cry of woman and baby in birth. Hussein shouts period. Silence should be used like the silence periods that the great movie editors produce for dramatic effect.

maria n:

I would like Antony to tell jokes. Thank you . Mariaxxx


The flutter of camera shutters are the lifeblood of an icon today.
The whirr of film and the click of mobile phones. The flash and explosion of bulbs, a cacophony, a symphony.
The click of expensive heels, the swish of silk and creak of leather.
Phones ring incessantly, amidst the screaming of all those ardent fans, and the sighing of heartfelt promises.
Air-kissing mwah mwah. Lift music. Scratch a pen across a page and sell it for a million. You're not just you, you're you times a thousand now. Giant.
You've got mail. You used to wish for attention and noise but now your world will never be quiet again. Happy?


Desert Roses;
It's all in there. In the morning rising sun starts to heat already so dry soil. Little by little beams cause the earth to open up and unleashing it's stories that human has tried bury there since we were "apes". Good & bad ones. The roses of the dessert starts to blossom. Passers by has no other option than seek for the shade and sit down & listen.
Some soundbites from the process: 
- Anthony doing Arabic chanting. 
- Distant wind sounds made by mouth. 
- The earth opens up=crushing paper. 
- Rose blossoming = Piano played first only with low notes, and then going up, and in the end only with high ones.


can Antony play those water filled wine glasses whilst humming?

Vikram Kansara:

Antony, covered in blood, eagle feathers and animal skins, performs "Material Girl" as a folk ritual using voice and a wooden xylophone.



Lights are spotlight on a flowing bubble....bubbles.
we have idolised the unattainable for years...for centuries. We have been used to this thought of impersonation and consumption since the sun has risen of the mayan ruins. Feathers, Gods, Pigment, tanning lotion, jewels, expensive bull. We have identified ourselves with people that have risen out of the flames of our own demise. WE HAVE CREATED THESE ICONS. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GLORIFICATION OF AN IDEAL. From People like CHE to personas like MICHAEL JACKSON....we have tried to make sense of it all...with only our wallets and minds to be taken advantage of. 
In the days of Alexander the great...celebrities were made out of conquering...out of love...out of feeling for life...out of those things that changed the way the world looked at humanity.....contrasted to our sad times that we live now. Making "the celebrity" a status...that we all crawl and beg to be part of......what are you big your dick many people have you hard can you party.....porno...look at the lights....sweat....finger a paris hilton videos...political mockery to the masses....over population...the earth melting....our sad lives to be recorded in US weekly. 
We as humans of 2007...have perceptions of grandeur..of making it...of trying to get to the big apple and fucking MRS. WINTOURS... or even better.....doing some blow in a club with the greats...with the great partiers of our generation. 
I ask myslef a celebrity...we will forget...we will try and stay in touch...but it won't happen....we will never create greats like HUNTER S THOMPSON AGAIN...WE ARE DEAD INSIDE OUR BRAINS...WE DONT CARE AS PEOPLE...WE HATE OUR NEIGHBOURS...DONT GET TOO CLOSE...
End with a shot of the PUMA ON THE TOP OF A SNOWY MOUNTIAN....we are all snow cats.

ryszard andrzejewski:

The Big Brother SFX LIVE Track.
Scissors cutting through material.
Paper being Torn.
The sound of Religious Icon Worship, Synagogues, Temples, Churches, Mosques etc. . .
peter uertz:
There is not such a thing like "icon and 
audience" anylonger! It seems to be, but it´s not. It s just marketing! LET US PRETEND TO BE HEROES! The truth is, everybody and -thing becomes the same! (Convergenzeffect). 
Mellody becomes rythm and rythm becomes 
mellody. Forground becomes background and vice versa. That is way the music shoud 
be sequancial and pattern based, with a humanized factor!
That is, what came up into my mind! 
Thx, peter


The icons of the modern life in sound can be "the sound of technology". 
axe vs chain saw 
wood fire vs gas fire 
wind vs wind machine/hair dryer 
carriage vs plane 
stream vs bottled water 
any instruments unplugged vs any sound made electrically 
The modern music uses so many different sound from various sources to make a beautiful track, like the following;
Fairly Dance of Twinkle and Shadow by Susumu Yokota 
Hanged by Tunng 
A Wongga Dance Song by Ryuichi Sakamoto 
Long Wave by Vector Lover 
I’ by Subtle 
I've Got Viking In Me, Clouding by Fourtet 
Logon Rock Witch by Alarm Will Sound 
London Darkblue Winter, Jojo by Efterklang 
Anywhere On This Road by Lhasa De Sela
The mixture of above would be nice.


FYI, ancient Egypt, Greek, Jew and Arab music have at least one instrument in common - the cymbals.

Galileo's Universe:

Benoit...I love your analysis... great...great reading....and food for thought.... ! 
Having said that.... I believe..that the new icons are mostly made of sand..., more easily blown away by the 'wind' and... into oblivion.. ... in comparison with the ones you mentioned in your tretament....but that's just my perception...


Am I alone in feeling reservations to come up with New Age sound suggestions for a musician like Cat Power? It feels like asking Bob Dylan to try the coconuts instead of a guitar. Regardless of my doubts on coconuts and crystal glasses, here's a variation on my previous treatment:
Chalayan's aim to "symbolise the synergy between icons and their audience" seems far too optimistic and naive in my view. It discounts a side of the story that remains untold in his proposal. The appropriation of the icon by the audience becomes increasingly more violent. As opposed to constructive in Chalayan's view. Although the relation between audience and icon is nonexistent, the illusion of one is maintained by mass media, tabloids and paparazzi. Celebrities, our modern-day icons, are forced to uphold their constructed or manufactured identities. Idolatry leads to infringement; boundaries between public and private sphere become blurred or seize to exist. The consequences of this evolution are often disastrous: synergy gone wrong. (John Lennon gets shot by a crazed fan, Elliot Smith dies from two self-inflicted stab wounds to his chest, ...) So what happens when icons aren't being kept alive by this presumed synergy with the audience, but actually find death through it?
My proposition remains the same: to somehow make use of the legacy of these icons (Nick Drake, Ian Curtis, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Elliot Smith, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, ...).
Not necessarily a traditional cover, but perhaps recycle their "sounds". For example a bassline from a Joy Division song together with a chorus from Elliot Smith.

Galileo's Universe: just occurred to me when reading Kataka's Treatment :
.....witnessing that ' ordinary ' people are becoming icons easier than baking a cake, where you have to do every thing absolutely right to make a real, desirable and tasteful point being.... aren't these ' new cakes ' to speak....just full of gist ?.......what I'm getting at is that...that is the very reason why I seem to be extremely sceptical about...the new brand of gods (icons)......they aren't lasting ....but just an illusion, perhaps because there aren't as many true icons to inspire and to draw energy from in comparison to what went before....perhaps that aspect should be considered... I believe that the new icons are mostly about ....' the 15 minutes of fame '...just how one of our very true and solid icons predicted.....


" with people becoming icons far more easily than in the past "
I think we love today's icons because they're human, extraordinaire and ordinary, rising and falling and rising...
I suggest that words describing the ordinary may be whispered into clothing, things such as : "scratching my back", "swallowing" etc.
have fun! and looking fwd to see the result.


I once saw a really brilliant documentary about sources of musical inspiration around the world, and the bit that's stuck in my memory is of a bunch of people playing in a river and just using what they had to hand to create sounds - but without putting their hands together. Instead, they slapped the surface of the water, different parts of their bodies too (dry and wet flesh sounds different) but it's mainly the sounds made with water that impressed me. Other than that impossible to describe... and messy to reproduce! Also, not sure it's relevant to the brief, but hey.


I think what you are looking for is a "new note"! Aren't we all. The difference is that people like Hussein and Nick seem to find ways to create these new notes and that is how they have such a strong audience for their work. Cat Power is new to me. I will listen with interest.
My idea for Cat Power is this. Sounds that vibrate and hold their sound to resonate with the audience.
-a gong 
-a bell 
-a chime 
-a xylophone 
-a crystal glass (rings clearer than glass) with a wet finger circling on the rim or a clinking with crystal will ring. 
-blowing into a bottle
After the vibrating whole note ... the echo
-multiple answers, or the sound replying on mass of a gong, or bell, chime, xylophone, crystal glass, bottle.
The single "new note" is the icon and the echo is the audience responding approval.

Kirsty Alsopp Fanclub:

I'd like Cat Power to make the sound of fire.


The lyrics for 'The Greatest' seem to suit the proposal...the opening instrumentals of the song also seem in keeping with some of Hussein's ideas. Maybe a slightly remixed version of the tune....
Once I wanted to be the greatest 
No wind or water fall could stall me 
And then came the rush of the flood 
The stars at night turned deep to dust.
This is such a brilliant project. I can't wait to here the results...

maria n:

Wow, what a fantastic project!!!! 
Please can Cat Power play with some wind chimes. 
Thank you.x 


Perhaps, in keeping with the synergy bit, the piece might have an understated common beat or reverberation (like humming or percussion or whispering) underneath whatever else goes on, symbolizing the almost eternal, recurring presence of these icons in our memories and lives.


For the introduction, i want it to go back to the basics of constructing clothes. 
Juxtaposing the ancient and the modern. 
The sound of the blades of fabric shears slowly opening. (it also sounds like a light sabre from star wars, which describes the laser that Chalayan was inspired by) 
with muslin tearing from the straight grain. 
The sound of a sewing machine in contrast with the sound of falling thimbles and pins. Sounds like fallen stars.
And for me, idolising can reach to a form of insanity. 
And a ball that bounces off from wall to wall composes the sounds(music) that we hear from our brain. Better yet, tossing plates and glasses off the walls that can also represent the screams from idolisation. This can be partnered with regurgitation of nothing-ness.
Silence, that represents chaos. Which meant primal emptiness in greek mythology. Signifying how definitions can so easily be changed. And because of the unpredictability, the idea is kept open and alive to different viewers. Sounds of the chaos of glass bouncing off walls might still be echoing in viewers head, and might even create its own life.


Diaphanous sheets of earth coloured silk, cotton, burlap, flutter and scatter and litter the studio forming a pyramid and from within the structure Cat slowly aries like a Phoenix from the flames. The music is a mix of cicadas mixed with romantic recorder, oud and then cellist allow Cat to begin her guitar thrumming (slow and light like the eyes of Paul Bowles from his bed and then strong like the madness of Alfred Chester smoking kif. As cat plays her recorded voice chants "Blood that can morph. Morph-blood. (she said this in an interview) in the background. As she emerges plates of geometric shapes (the ancient forms-square, cone, stonehenge etc.,) spray across the entire scene and the sounds of bodcat then a pail falls into a well full of water, a grandmother sings the southern paw-paw patch song, then mixed with a quote from Truffaut-"Quand l'humeur peut être faite pour alterner avec la mélancolie, on a un succès, mais quand les mêmes choses sont drôles et melancholic en même temps, il est simplement merveilleux."


Cat Power plays covers of songs of musicians (icons) who have succumbed to fame and commited suicide. Some suggestions: Nick Drake, Ian Curtis, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, ...
The covers are played low-key, stripped down, raw.

Galileo's Universe:

....thunders as the force of nature....mixing it with the sounds of broken crystal.....silence building up to 
whispering....flute....evoking the ritual that is going to commence...the ethereal dance between the icon and his audience....symbolising the energy the audience draws from their of dreams....desires.....the sound of a symbolise the elixir of life...and to the audience the elixir and the source must have an ethereal atmosphere.. all in all it should reflect the ever ongoing ritual between both.....
The aesthetics of the atmosphere to be created should resonate the aura of gods that sorrounds the icons.....
I'm absolutely sure Hussein Chalayan , Nick Knight nd Cat Powers will be doing a great job....what a wonderful combination !...The great inquisitive mind of Chalayan with his masterful ways of executiing his art mixed with Nick Night's great sense of beauty and finesse, and the incredible musically talented Cat Powers makes me incredible happy to react to their project....... 
Wishing you all......... all the Best !......


Throughout history people on mass -the audience, find their heroes -the icons, when they find someone who appears to do the exceedingly extraordinary. These icon people are like the audience, but with a difference. They dare to dream, think, plan, prepare and execute. They put a tremendous amount of energy into the seemingly simple, creative or obvious making it appear that the stars have all aliened and cleared the way before them. As long as the icon continues to produce and dazzle the audience, they will allow the icon to remain in that role. The party continues and everyone, audience and icon have a good time.
Often brilliance is a result of a synergy of very creative people making it happen. When it does happen, the world is taken by storm.
My sound track for Hussein Chalyan would be just that - A Storm.
Starting with the sounds of a beautiful day, birds, crickets, footsteps and even laughter that becomes muffled by wind, rain and then thunder as the crescendo. The storm recedes and laughter returns ending with the clinking of glasses and a group of voices crying, "Cheers".


At first, all you need is drums. As a purification, as a rhythmical ritual that will get you back in time, through centuries and civilizations, till you sense you have met the archetypes of music. Then you will introduce flutes and lyres. 
USE the music to READ faces and READ bodies to better USE the music. 


To create a stirring backdrop to the soundtrack I propose both the continuous sound of a prayer bowl (google it) and a 'singing' crystal glass (wet finger around its rim). It's a tidy juxtaposition between the spiritual and modern!


mario merola,dalida,zorba the greek,julee cruise,the blasters



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