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Editorial Gallery: #StyleShootDraw

published on 31 August 2016

Nick Knight shot models of the moment Ruth Bell, Molly Bair, Jazzelle and more for GARAGE Issue 11.

Nick Knight shot models of the moment Ruth Bell, Molly Bair, Jazzelle and more for GARAGE Issue 11.

Ruth wears: Dress, Necklace, Belt and Shoes: Dolce and Gabbana; Gloves: Cornelia James; Alina wears: Dress: Gayane Arzumanova (textile by Beth Wilson); Mask: Yui Jiang; Leggings: William Wilde; Shoes: Giuseppi Zanotti
Cape and Dress: Alexander McQueen; Necklace: Christophe Graber; Boots: Dr Martens
Dress, Shoes and Belt: Moschino
Dress and Boots: Balenciaga
Yasmin wears: Cape, Dress and Underskirt: Giorgio Armani; Bracelet: Christophe Graber; Keychain: Prada; Shoes: Maison Margiela. Alina wears: Coat: Gayane Arzumanova ( with textile by Beth Wilson); Mask: Yui Jiang; Gloves: Cornelia James; Gaiters and Shoes
Face Corset: Patrick Ian Hartley
Hat, Trouser Suit and Shirt: Gareth Pugh
Bodysuit and Belt: Balmain; Ring: Cartier; Boots: Stylist's Own
Dress: Mary Katrantzou; Hot Pants: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi; Boots: Pleaser
Dress and Boots: Marc Jacobs; Bow: William Wilde
Top, Skirt and Leggings: Valentino
PVC Dresses, Arm Straps and Leg Harnesses: Jivomir Domoustchiev; Shoes: Mary Katrantzou
Top and Skirt: J.W. Anderson
Molly Bair, Julia Banas, Ruth Bell and Yasmin Wijnaludum at The Society Management, Selena Forrest at Next Models, Jazelle Zanuaghtti at New York Models and Alina Stashinova
Sam McKnight at Premier
Lisa Eldridge at Premier
Marian Newman at Streeters
Set Design:
Photographic Assistance:
Britt Lloyd, Rob Rusling, Thomas Alexander, Ellius Grace and Phil Papadis
Styling Assistance:
Adonis Kentros
Hair Assistance:
Declan Sheils, Eamonn Hughes and Kumiko Tsumagari
Make-up Assistance:
Jessie Richardson
Nail Assistance:
Jennie Nippard
Set Design Assistance:
James Robotham and Fabrice Spelta
Technical Manager:
Technical Assistance:
Production Assistance:
Jessica Chant, David Glass, Aileen Pham, Philippa Allison, Angelina Jesson and Rolina Blok
Camera Operation:
Rob Rusling, Emily Rose, Claude Legge, Poppy Thorpe and Charlotte Ellis
GARAGE Magazine Online Editor:
Lewis Firth
Styling Interns:
Elvija Vitola, Colette DryBurgh and Susannah Walston
Digital Post:
Mark Boyle at Epilogue Imaging
Digital Operation:
Joe Colley at Passeridae
Direct Photographic
Special thanks to:
Instagram and Facebook Live for their support on this project


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