The Replenishing Body

Launched on 24 September 2007

In 2007, SHOWstudio partnered with Evian to devise The Replenishing Body, a fun, interactive video installation. Created by Ross Phillips, the installation design was inspired by the fact that the human body is made up of 60% water which is renewed every six weeks, hence a constantly 'replenishing' body.



Taking Liberty's

26 June 2004
In association with the London department store of the same name, Taking Liberty's offered passers-by the chance to record their personal style.

One In Ten

17 November 2000
If breast cancer affects one-in-ten women, why is it invisible in fashion photography?


21 November 2001
Beauty and impermanence are explored in this collaborative art installation by Alexander McQueen, Nick Knight and Bjork.
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