Fashion in a Time of Crisis

Launched on 12 April 2020 — ongoing

Examining the COVID-19 pandemic through her own expertise, Amy de la Haye, Professor of Dress History and Curatorship at London College of Fashion, looks back at critical moments in history to explore fashion in a time of crisis.

Main Contributors



Made In Hollywood

04 July 2003
A tribute to legendary rodeo tailor Nudie, with contributions from fashion photographer Craig McDean and cultural critic Mark Simpson.


23 January 2002
Focusing on fashion imagery published and withdrawn at the time of the attacks of 9/11, Killed examines work by Raf Simons, David Sims, Nick Knight and more.

Transgressing Fashion

24 June 2004
In response to the Allied forces handover of power back to Iraq on 30th June 2004, artist Lucy Orta staged a 'protest performance' at the V&A in London.
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