Launched on 03 April 2020

What happens when avatar aesthetics spill over into real life? Raquel Couceiro and Myles Henrik Hall explore just that, in a tour of nine different heroines (and anti-heroines) from the world of cosplay.




03 April 2002
The incongruous aesthetics of Toile de Jouy and Japanese rope suspension bondage come together in an erotic, interactive collaboration by Julie Verhoeven and Peter Saville.

Sittings: Thirty Men

01 April 2005
Over April 2005, Simon Foxton styled male models as 'living magazine pages' and seated them in front of a webcam in a 30 day live streamed editorial.

Designer Purikura

12 October 2007
SHOWstudio invited a Tokyo-based team to interpret the Autumn/Winter 2007 collections using nothing more than a souped-up Photo-Me booth, ingenuity and kitsch graphics galore!
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