The Future of Fashion is: Fashion Film

published on 22 October 2021

The best way to see fashion? In motion.

The best way to see fashion? In motion.

As a leading force behind the medium, SHOWstudio have championed fashion film since 2000 as a fundamental pillar for showcasing how clothes are best seen - in motion.

Included here are a selection of some of the best fashion films from the past twenty years, featuring films created by SHOWstudio and Nick Knight, together with contributions by leading fashion filmmakers including Ruth Hogben, Britt Lloyd, Raquel Couceiro and Frederik Heyman.

The Future of Fashion Is: Fashion Film

Nick Knight and filmmaker Raquel Couceiro discuss the vitality of seeing fashion in motion, and radical fashion films for Gareth Pugh, Maison Margiela and Valentino and more. With the medium still in its infancy, they talk about how fashion film will continue to revolutionise the language of fashion photography and image-making.

Interview: Defining the Future of Fashion Film
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Conversation: Fashion and the Moving Image

07 April 2009
Filmmaker and Birds Eye View Fashion Loves Film strand curator Kathryn Ferguson leads a panel discussion with filmmakers and fashion film industry professionals.

Conversation: Dressing the Screen

28 October 2013
A group of female fashion filmmakers sat down for a unique panel discussion on representations of women.

Panel Discussion: Dressing the Screen - Russia

11 March 2014
A selection of of filmmakers and Russian fashion insiders discuss the emergence of new creative talent in Russia with SHOWstudio's own Marie Schuller.
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