Live Stream

Stream Footage: Boy Meets Wool Day 3

published on 11 April 2016

Watch day three of Charles Jeffrey’s LiveStudio in its entirety.

Watch day three of Charles Jeffrey’s LiveStudio in its entirety.

Art Direction:
Knitwear Design:
Pattern Cutting:
Naomi Ingelby
Charles Jeffrey Studio Management:
Sybil Rouge
Charles Jeffrey Production:
Art Department:
Harry Appleyard, Olivia Pudeko, Hannah Hetherington, Darcy Bea, Nicloaich Tritsch, Anny Yan, Lucile Guilmard and Teriro Kagogoda
Charles Jeffrey Assistance:
Conor Bond and Kristina Gedris
Studio Assistance:
Mathew Allen and William Morris
Guest Interviewers:
Markn Ogue, Britt Lloyd, Chris Ower, George Eyres and Claudia Legge
Live Stream:
Benjamin Bowe-Carter
Design Team:
Executive Production:
Production Assistance:
Clio Cooper
Special thanks to:



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